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This item was filled under [ ISC ]

ISC Guess Paper for – 2012.

English Paper – I

Time – 2½ Hours. Full Marks – 100.

Answer all four questions given below in your own words.

Q.1. Write a composition on ANY ONE of the following subjects :                         [30]

(i)         The importance of extra curricular activities in schools.

(ii)        Write an original short story which has the title “Joy Infinite”.

(iii)             Have you ever got into a difficulty by saying ‘NO’? Write your experience.

(iv)             “The Indian Woman has no identity today.” Write your opinion.

(v)               Childhood pleasure.

Q.2. Suppose your city was the target of a serial blasts. Write a report based upon the following points:

(i)         The role of the police and the fire brigade.

(ii)        Co-operation of the people.

(iii)             Preparedness of the civil defense and emergency services.

(iv)             The scene at the city hospitals.

(v)               Statement issued by the government.

(vi)             Any other relevant points.

Q.3. (a) Complete the statement B, making it as similar meaning to statement A in the following : –                                                                                                                      [10]

1.A. Teacher said to me, “Please try to understand my point of view”.

B. I was ———————————————————– .

2.A. If you had informed me earlier I would have come home.

B. Should you ————————————————— .

3.A. Hardly had Tina finished her speech, when everyone applauded it.

B. No sooner ———————————————————– .

4.A. Though Karan is a very clever boy, he does not excel in studies.

B. In spite ————————————————————- .

5.A. There was never a more ambitious man than Napolean in the history of the


B. Was ——————————————————————– .

(b) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word :                                                       [5]

(i)         The continuous run __________ bad luck has left Arun depressed.

(ii)        His imagination has so run ___________ with him that he can’t see what is lying just before his eyes.

(iii)       Though the twins looked alike they differed ___________ each other in


(iv)             Though we were the best friends I differed _____________ him on the Mandal issue.

(v)               The President pulled __________ the secretary for delay in presenting the accounts.

(vi)             The doctor assured the family that the patient has pulled __________ of danger.

(vii)           Inspite of the warning visitors do not keep __________ the grass.

(viii)         Tanya could not run very fast and could not keep _________ with the other runners.

(ix)             Early in the morning one feels that winter is _________ the air.

(x)               Though she wore rags and sold flowers for a living she walked _________ the air of a queen.

(c) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form  of the word given in the brackets : [5]

(i)         You spoke as though you __________ angry. [be]

(ii)        The boys are _________ a play for Teacher’s Day. [rehearse]

(iii)       They ___________  me a question and I answered it.[ask]

(iv)       I __________  when Suresh scored the goal. [thrill]

(v)        They ___________  us next Sunday. [meet]

(vi)       The trouble __________  that nobody is bold enough to protest against injustice.[be]

(vii)           In case you __________  across my book, please return it.[come]

(viii)         Nitesh thinks he _________ his watch on the road. [lose]

(ix)             Her voice gradually _________ to a whisper. [sink]

(x)               There is no ___________ what the result of this match is going to be! [guess]

Q.4. Read carefully the following passage and answer the questions that follows : [30]

The bus didn’t leave after an hour, it didn’t leave after two hours, nor after ten. It stood waiting for more passengers to fill it. That below my chance of getting across the longer half of the desert by the cool of the night. After twelve hours, I felt as exhausted as I would have felt fro traveling, or perhaps the effort of traveling nowhere was harder. When the sun set and darkness settled, we passengers lay down to sleep in the bus.

Dawn came and the heat started to intensify. The only cheerful thing was the bus itself, gaudily decorated with shiny tin cut-outs, while the front was emblazoned like a shield with multi-coloured glass reflectors, dazzling in the Sun. buses generally try to out display each other.

Finally, the engine started, but we drove round and round the town for another hour looking for more passengers, until every seat was taken. At last we set off across the desert, but within half an hour the motor conked out, we had run out of the fuel. I felt slightly defeated. Surely in the twelve-hour wait the driver could have found some fuel. So there we sat, waiting for another bus to come and perhaps give us some fuel.

A pick-up truck passed and our driver went with it to look for diesel. Two more hours elapsed before we were on the move. We trundled for twenty kilometers, then stopped, because two buses were leaning against each other and blocking the track. One had a broken axle and had fallen, or been propped against each other. We stopped and ropes were attached to our bus so it could pull the broken one upright. And since we had by this time lent our jacks and tools, we stayed until their repairs were done. It was a blazing hot day in a flat empty glaring desert, but I was impressed by the way men automatically helped each other, and women gave their water to those needed it more.

The next 150 kilometers of dirt road was very corrugated, then we reached moth-eaten tarmac. The passengers bounced and swayed over the bumps in the road. Their synchronized lurching almost fitted the music on the bus cassette player and looked oddly like a dance.

Dusk brought a sandstorm; a Baluchi and Afghan, with only five Pakistani townis. I allied myself with their three married women. On every long bus journey I make an ally of some suitable friend or couple. As a woman, it saves trouble.

The air was still hot when darkness fell and we stopped at an oasis for chilli-hot supper. The journey stretched, through the night, and rain in the mountains caused a flash flood that we drove through up to the axies.

(a)(i) Use the following words as used in the passage, in a sentence to clarify the

meaning of the word clearly:

(1) intensity                 (2) gaudily                   (3) elapsed.                              [3]

(ii) Use the following given words in a sentence without changing the words but with a different meaning from that which it carries in the passage:

(1) leave                      (2) set              (3) track.                                              [3]

(iii) Explain in the context of the passage in two sentences only the meaning of the following expression taken from the passage. [Merely using phrases will not do.]                                                                                                              [4]

(1)   ———— the effort of traveling nowhere was harder.

(2)   ———— try to out display each other.

(b) Answer the following questions briefly:

(i) What prevented the narrator from crossing the desert at night ? How did the driver ensure that the bus was packed to capacity?                                             [3]

(ii) Why did the narrator feel defeated and what observation did the narrator make about the people around while the repairs were being done?                 [4]

(iii) Why did the narrator ally herself with married men? What happened after dinner?                                                                                                       [3]

(c) In about 60 words describe what the narrator saw and experienced from the time the engine started till the repairs were done.                                                 [10]


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