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This item was filled under [ ICSE ]

ICSE  Guess Paper in Geography for – 2012.


Time – 2 Hours]                                                         [Full Marks – 80

Section I is compulsory. Answer any FIVE questions from Section II.

Section – I [30 Marks]

Answer all questions from this section.

Q.1. Study the extract of the survey of India map and answer the following questions : –                                                                                                                           [20]

(a)        State the area of the extract of the map.

(b)        State the four figure grid reference of the settlement in the map which is

bigger. Give reasons.

(c)          Give the six figure grid reference of the point in the map extract which is

the highest.

(d)         State two characteristics of the main river.

(e)          State the slope of the map extract. Justify your answer.

(f)          State the map used in the map extract.

(g)         What is contour? State what is C.I.?

(h)         State the mode of transport in the map extract.

(i)           What is fire line? State its utility.

(j)           State the time period when the area was surveyed. Justify your answer.

Q.2. On the outline map of South Asia mark and label the following : –                   [10]

(a) The Terai Region.

(b) R. Padma and Sutlej.

(c) Arawalli, Western ghats.

(d) Delta of  R. Ganga.

(e) Petroleum centre in Western India.

(f) A region having temperature more than 40º C during summer.

(g) A region rich in red soil in North-East India.

(h) Direction of S-W monsoon.

(i) Gulf of manner.

(j) Area if winter rainfall.


Section – II [50 Marks]

Answer ANY FIVE questions.

Q.3. (a) State the latitudinal and longitudinal extension of Bangladesh.                   [2]

(b) State any two physical features of Bangladesh.                                                   [3]

(c) State the origin of deccan platcon.                                                                        [2]

(d) State three significance of Himalayas.                                                                  [3]

Q.4. (a) State the significance of the dames in Pakistan.                                           [2]

(b) Differentiate between the rivers of Nort India and South India.                                     [3]

(c) What is the importance of the northern plains?                                                     [3]

(d) What is a lagoon? Give some example.                                                                 [2]

Q.5. (a) What are the role of Himalayas in determining the climate during :

(i) The cold weather season.

(ii)  during the south-west monsoon.                                                              [2]

(b) Differentiate between the retracting south-west monsoon and the north-east monsoon.


(c) State any three characteristics of Bangladesh.                                                      [3]

(d) State any two features of mango showers. Name any two states where these are common.                                                                                                                   [3]

Q.6. (a) Name one crop associated with each of the following soil types :

(i) Alluvial Soil,           (ii) Red Soil.                                                                [2]

(b) State any two features of ‘Khaddar’ Soil.                                                            [2]

(c) Name the soil which has been formed due to the solidification of lava. State any two features of the soil.                                                                                                       [3]

(d) State the advantage of ‘clay’ content in the black soil. Name any two states where it is found.                                                                                                                                    [3]

Q.7. (a) What is plantation agriculture? State its two characteristics.                        [3]

(b) Explain the terms below by explaining clearly the crop they are associated with:

(i) Retting,      (ii) Ginning.                                                                             [2]

(c) State three differences between intensive farming and extensive farming.          [3]

(d) State the geographical conditions required for the production of cotton.            [2]

Q.8. (a) State four varieties of coal.                                                                            [2]

(b) State three areas in India where mineral oil is found.                                           [3]

(c) State the main source of power generation in India? Name any three states where the source is found.                                                                                                             [3]

(d) In what two different ways do non-conventional energy score over the conventional sources of energy.                                                                                                          [2]

Q.9. (a) State any two steps taken by the government to solve the problems of Indian agriculture.                                                                                                                         [2]

(b) What is oil cake? State its importance.                                                                  [2]

(c) Name an area for the cultivation of rice in India. State why is it suitable for the cultivation of rice.                                                                                                      [3]

(d) What is subsistence farming? State any two feature of subsistence farming.      [3]

Q.10. (a) The silk industry is concentrated in Karnataka. State any three factors responsible for this.                                                                                                         [2]

(b) State the major problems of sugar industry.                                                          [3]

(c) With reference to Jamshedpur iron and steel plant answer the following questions :

(i) From where does the plant get iron ore.

(ii) Name two states which provide labour force to the plant.                       [3]

(d) State the difference between an integrated steel plant and mini steel plant.        [2]

Q.11. (a) Name any two physical factors which affect the location of industries.    [2]

(b) State the importance of textile industry for the Indian economy.                        [3]

(c) With reference to the petrochemical industry list :

(i) Two centres of petrochemical industry.

(ii) Two important products of the industry.                                                  [2]

(d) Write three problems of agro based industry.                                                       [3]


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